Maine Inside Out initiates dialogue, develops leadership, and builds community across boundaries with collaborative original theater, inside and outside correctional facilities. We are committed to dismantling all forms of oppression and building a movement for transformative justice in our communities.

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Theater for Social Change

Maine Inside Out artists create original theater to engage the community in dialogue about issues related to incarceration. The tool of theater invites us to recognize ourselves in others and to connect across boundaries. Check out the event calendar for upcoming shows and the booking page to bring MIO to your community.

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Since Maine Inside Out first began ten years ago, hundreds of young people impacted by incarceration in Maine have returned to communities with the support, preparation, and confidence to raise their voices at tables where the decisions that affect their lives are being made.

They have created powerful art and traveled around the state and the country to share it. They have led workshops in university classrooms, held forums to vet candidates for public office, and supported each other in navigating the significant challenges of building a life after incarceration. Maine communities are stronger because these young people are in them, sharing their experiences, connecting across boundaries and leading us forward.

Check out the latest White Paper on Maine Inside Out’s nationally recognized model:

“Understanding Maine Inside Out: A model for social emotional learning and community resilience building”



Audience Members Reached (2008-2019)

Maine Inside Out performances have toured across the state of Maine and out of state to Boston, Washington DC, and Michigan.

Audience Responses



Public events (2016-2019)

Over 60 youth-led performances, workshops, open mics, community celebrations, and workshops in the past 3 years.

Community Engagement Map



Youth Organizers (2018)

65 youth organizers attended MIO community meetings or events in 2018 to perform, facilitate workshops, or organize for stronger communities in Maine.