Volunteer Spotlight

I’ve never been a part of anything remotely akin to Maine Inside Out (MIO), and I’ve worked for many social justice non-profits. MIO has created an organization where its “participants” (currently and formerly incarcerated youths) are also its leaders, its spokespeople, its performers, its flesh and bones. A testament to the magic of MIO’s founders, and to the power of the theater they foster, a family has grown out of its network— a fact which its participants are the first to proudly express.
— Nora Bosworth
It is rare to find a group of such like minded individuals. I have not ever met a group so willing to allow. Meaning, most volunteer organizations I’ve worked with sometimes let the “want to help” override the actual support that are hoping to provide. MIO offers these kids the space to express who they are at the core. They actively pursue not only their voice, but their emotions, their needs and in turn their freedom to communicate in an authentic way.
— Anne Esguerra
Encouraging rehabilitation and education in a space known for punishment and shaming, Maine Inside Out is transforming lives.
— Myles Bullen
Working with MIO was very unique in the a way that it makes you feel.... The feeling that you are making a real difference in the community.
— Nancy Valmond
The way the folks at MIO engage with youth is beautiful and exemplary, and not the way all support organizations engage. Youth attending a MIO program are treated with respect and given the freedom to be their authentic selves while in a safe and supportive environment. Seeing the young people we worked with so quickly begin to treat one another with more respect, to me showed the instant benefit to feeling respected themselves.
— Marita Kennedy-Castro

Volunteer Opportunities


MIO Community Artists/Facilitators
Maine Inside Out facilitates ongoing workshops at Long Creek Youth Development Center. We are seeking community artists in facilitation, dance, drumming, writing, music, theater and yoga to offer workshops within our groups at Long Creek Youth Development Center. Department Of Corrections background check and Long Creek Youth Development Center volunteer orientation required.

MIO Mentors For Youth in Adult Facilities
Maine Inside Out is seeking mentors to visit youth who have been transferred to prison or jail. Mentors will develop a plan for reintegration with the youth to support them once released. Mentors will take on a multi-faceted role as case manager, advocate, support and witness. This is a weekly, ongoing, and individualized commitment.

Bachelors and Masters Level Student Interns
In addition to community volunteers, Maine Inside Out offers internships for qualified college and graduate students. Maine Inside Out can offer social work and counseling students with clinical supervision and placement.